As the outbreak of the coronavirus threatens jobs, schools and businesses, All for Yorkshire will be shining a spotlight on some of Yorkshire’s finest local businesses, to demonstrate how vital they can be to our local economies and communities. Here we’ll be taking a look at Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice.

If the nearest you’ve experienced to a true glass of apple juice is the type you’ve found at a supermarket, then I’m afraid you’re missing out! You haven’t discovered the refreshing quench until you’ve enjoyed a glass of locally pressed cloudy apple juice from a place such as this. If you like quality hand-made produce, then you will love Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice!

Nestled in the heart of Yorkshire, this delightful family-run team is the quintessential local business. Carefully sourcing their apples, the team hand-works each step of the pressing process to create a range of delicious cloudy apples.

Jane Birch, a former schoolteacher, and husband, Jon, took over the family business in November 2018, with the business originally being started by Ray Kirby in 2008. Ray had begun to press apples after discovering a large number of windfall apples, and in 2008, stumbled upon the perfect formula, and thus, Yorkshire Wolds Apples was born!

The company is based in Norton, North Yorkshire, and the entire pressing process is based on very old, traditional techniques. Carefully examining each apple, the process then sees the apples go through various stages until they are transformed into the juices. A gentle pasteurisation technique is used to ensure that the juices have an 18-month shelf life.

The owners are proud to carry over their values of family, local foods, and minimal impact on the planet to their business. It’s what real, local businesses should be about: offering a selection of honest, healthy, tasty produce, which has been made with care and attention, and with minimal impact on the environment.

It’s great to see more of us becoming increasingly conscious of the businesses behind the products that we buy. Now we’re more aware of the impact that importing foods has on our environment, it’s fantastic to see that many of us are far more selective in the foods and products that we purchase. What’s great is that with local suppliers such as Yorkshire Wolds Apples, is that not only are your purchases helping to keep emissions to a minimum, but you’re also usually getting a far superior and more enjoyable product!

Products made this way are not just better for the environment, they’re better for you too. No sugar or nasty preservatives are added to any of Yorkshire Wold’s apple juices. Once Jane and Jon receive the apples, they have full provenance of the juice until it reaches you, something the team are very proud of. This means that you’re getting a glass full of goodness, every time!

Yorkshire Wolds Apples offer a range of sweet, medium and dry flavours for different tastes, and 100% of the apples used are grown and picked in Britain. The pressing techniques used allow for the juices to retain their wonderful taste, amazing colours, and appetising aromas. The team pressed 28 tonnes of fruit this year, a staggering figure, which goes to show just how popular their drinks are. 

Their motto, ‘just taste the apples’, is an apt description for them, with reviewers emphasising that it tastes “just like the apples”, and “all you can taste is the apples!”. It really is a juice that has to be tasted to be appreciated.

Jon and Jane are always happy to meet people who are interested in the pressing process, and they invite you to contact them via their website, if you’d like to arrange a visit to the farm. They also do market stalls and events, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. Perhaps the best demonstration for how good the juices really are is that they’re served by Betty’s of York, one of Yorkshire’s finest cafes. You can find out more information about where they’re stocked on their website, by searching for ‘Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice’, or by visiting

The team also offers a fruit pressing service in the late summer months. That means you can bring your own fruit (apples and pears etc) and have them made into your own juices. So, all of those extra fruits that you’ve picked and have no room left over in the freezer for – make sure you take them to Yorkshire Wolds! The drinks will last you up to 18 months from pressing, unless of course you drink them first!

Jane and Jon have deservedly been shortlisted for two prestigious awards in the Garbutt and Elliott Yorkshire Food & Drink awards. The awards have been delayed until later on in the year due to the coronavirus, but we wish them the best of luck. They’re also one of the five businesses on the shortlist for Quench Yorkshire, which celebrates the finest drinks made in the region. Yorkshire Wolds Apples are also on the shortlist for small business of the year. 

All for Yorkshire will let you know how they do!

To learn more about this delightful company, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. @yorkshirewoldsapplejuice and Twitter @yorkshireapples. – You can find their website at – Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice

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